Brasfelt - Leader in the Brazilian market in Vaccum Disc Filtration for iron ore


Currently, the whole society, including mining companies, are increasingly concerned with sustainability and environmental preservation. In this context, tailings treatment is an ideal and economically viable solution for the replacement of the use of dams, in addition to making possible the recovery of existing residual ore and avoiding risks of dams operation.

The dry disposal of the treated tailings allows the reuse of the caves, increases the recovery of water in the mineral processing and, in some cases, the commercialization of the tailings as by-product.

BRASFELT, based on its experience of more than 25 years in the market, offers complete solutions for the treatment of tailings ranging from the conceptual design to the supply of equipment and peripherals involved in the process.

BRASFELT has a technical team specialized in evaluating and consulting tailings treatment projects, available for immediate consult.

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