Brasfelt - Leader in the Brazilian market in Vaccum Disc Filtration for iron ore


Mineral Processing is any operation that acts on the mineral modifying the state in which it is in nature. Minerals have always been very useful to man and participate with us in all stages of the civilizing process. From prehistory man has learned to benefit the minerals he encountered, in order to extract from them all its advantages. So important were they, that we call some prehistoric periods according to the predominantly used metal.

Thus we had the Stone Ages, the Copper, the Bronze and the Iron.

Currently, we can summarize the process of mineral wealth in the following operations

  • Fragmentation (Crushing and / or Grinding)
  • Classification
  • Concentration
  • Dewatering (thickening, filtration)
  • Handling (pelletizing, stacking)
  • Disposal of tailings

Brasfelt is involved in the dewatering process, presenting to the market several filter options, each one specified for a particular type of ore, process and operation.