Brasfelt - Leader in the Brazilian market in Vaccum Disc Filtration for iron ore


BRASFELT-CLEVER Press Filters are equipment used for solid-liquid separation, whose main characteristic is its versatility, allowing its use in different applications, such as in the steel and metallurgical, mining, chemical and food industries.

The technology used in our Filters is the result of a Spanish-Brazilian partnership that brought together the know-how Clever Filtración, which has been present for more than 20 years in the market and has more than 400 filters installed worldwide, with the BRASFELT experience, plus 25 years in the supply of solutions in solid-liquid separation in the Brazilian market.

Currently, the BRASFELT-CLEVER Press Filter has been an indispensable tool in the treatment of tailings and dry disposal, minimizing the use of dams.

BRASFELT-CLEVER Press Filters stand out for their robustness, reliability and versatility, being able to be manufactured according to the needs of each client:

Chamber, membrane or mixed plates;
Filtered output from the side of the plates (individual type open) or via internal circulation through the plates and manifold (closed type plate);
Hydraulic manual, hydraulic or pneumatic hydraulic closing system;
Plate displacement automatic or manual, can be done individually or in groups of plates;
Filter pressures up to 50 bar;
Movement of the plates via lateral or superior bars;
Various possibilities of automatic washing of screens;
Backing of pie, cross-drying of pies, etc.